Ministry Partners

The American Pastors Network is a ministry program affiliate of Capstone Legacy Foundation. What started as the Pennsylvania Pastors Network has rapidly spawned the growth of the American Pastors Network.

The APN serves pastors across the country and around the world by providing the truth about the founding of America, and the religious freedoms upon which our government was established. Led by Sam Rohrer, the APN is a dynamic organization with a potential to impact the future of our nation by mobilizing pastors, churches, and ultimately their congregations.
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Upliftv is a new and unique television network that features more Christian and inspirational films than any other channel. Upliftv’s programs are a balanced combination of sermons and stories that include Movies, Documentaries, TV shows and Ministries.

The Mission of Upliftv is to use TV and mass media to share the good news message of God’s love and mercy to everyone in the form of stories and sermons, the way Christ communicated 2000 years ago. Upliftv’s wide variety of Movies and Ministries help fulfill this mission by touching lives with inspirational movies and lifting people higher with impacting sermons.
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Inspiring Films is a company that develops and produces films for a wide audience. They intend to present a Christian world-view that is truthful, inspirational, challenging and ultimately redeeming. These projects will both entertain and inform while having artistic, moral, biblical, and ethical integrity. Some films will tackle tough issues, while others will seek to inspire. Others will simply provide good entertainment for families. At Inspiring Films, they that storytelling sows seeds into hearts, and that God, the Father will water those seeds. The mission is to fulfill the Great Commission with creative storytelling - like Jesus did.

"He spoke to crowd in parables. He did not say anything to them without using a parable."

~ Matthew 13:34
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Impact Paterson is a team of change agents in Paterson, NJ committed to inspiring, equipping, and empowering the under-served through jobs, housing and connections. This is done by leveraging their strengths in enterprise, ministry, and staffing to restore the full person from under-employment or unemployment to gainfully employed or business ownership.

A transformative model has been created through sustainable job creation to inspire positive social change in Paterson. We build up local companies, collaborate with community partners, house and disciple those in need, and mentor men and women from recovery through restoration.
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