Business and Corporations

Does your company want to make a difference in your community by developing a training program, supporting the arts, building church or distributing medical supplies? Any small business or a corporation can use their assets (cash, stocks, annuities, property) to start a foundation, trust, create programs or gifts through Capstone. There are even ways to use your tax credit to provide scholarships.

Corporate Advised Fund

At Capstone, our Corporate Foundations are called Corporate Advised Funds. If your company does not already have a corporate foundation, we would encourage you to start a Corporate Foundation (Corporate Advised Fund) as soon as possible. In addition to giving your company a great opportunity to do good, and to support wonderful Christian works, many of your employees will also want to participate and contribute.

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Supporting Organization (Charity)

A supporting organization, is a public charity that either makes grants to, or performs the operations of, a public charity similar to a private foundation.

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There are endless opportunities in which your company can make a difference in your own community.

From developing training programs, supporting the arts, or even distributing medical supplies, Capstone is here for you, to show you all the ways your company can make a positive impact.

To start your own Corporate Advised Fund please call Capstone and ask for an appointment.  Click here to get started.