Corporate Advised Fund

At Capstone, our Corporate Foundations are called Corporate Advised Funds. If your company does not already have a corporate foundation, we would encourage you to start a Corporate Foundation (Corporate Advised Fund) as soon as possible. In addition to giving your company a great opportunity to do good, and to support wonderful Christian works, many of your employees will also want to participate and contribute.

A Capstone Corporate Advised Fund is easy to set up, and it is extremely economical. It is completely turn-key and it is professionally managed and headache-free. Capstone handles everything, from paperwork to taxes, to the distribution of funds to your favorite charities.

With a Capstone Corporate Advised Fund, you enjoy privacy, security, and peace-of-mind knowing that you have made a wise choice in managing your assets for the Kingdom.

Capstone can accommodate companies of virtually any size, and it can be done with no disruption to your business. In fact, with Capstone, your Corporate Foundation can be set up in a single day, and it requires only a very modest application. Once accepted by Capstone, your foundation instantly achieves nonprofit status as a 501(c) (3), under Capstone’s umbrella.

Your CFO will be delighted because a Capstone Donor Advised Fund helps reduce the risk that could be incurred by making an administrative mistake with another type of foundation outside of Capstone.

Whether you are seeking to deploy thousands or millions of dollars in a foundation, a Capstone Corporate Advised Fund is an ideal vehicle for you.

Click here to learn how you can set up your own Capstone Corporate Advised Fund.

Does your company want to make a difference in your community by developing a training program, supporting the arts, building church or distributing medical supplies?

Any small business or a corporation can use their assets (cash, stocks, annuities, property) to start a foundation, trust, create programs or gifts through Capstone. There are even ways to use your tax credit to provide scholarship.