Trusts and Gifts

Charitable Gift Annuity Funds

This Planned giving vehicle provides great benefit for the giver and longterm support for the organizations you care about. The giver can use appreciated assets, cash or securities to receive a tax-deduction and create a stream of income from the asset.

Charitable Trust Fund

Charitable trusts create a way to make charitable donations and a split-financial interest in the gift. Capstone works with you and your attorney to create planned giving structures for you and your family.

Charitable Remainder Trust

Givers have the ability to make a gift- cash, securities and some real estate - as fixed income payments for life, with the remaining value benefiting the mission of their favorite charity upon their death.

Charitable Uni-Trust (CRUT)

Givers have the advantage of distributing a fixed percentage of the value of the assets (on an annual or more frequent basis) to a non-charitable beneficiary. At the expiration of a specific time the remaining balance of the CRUT’s assets are distributed to the charity.

Charitable Remainder Annuity Trust (CRAT)

This vehicle allows donors to place a major gift of cash or property into a trust which pays a fixed amount each year to the donor or the donor’s beneficiary. The remainder of the trust is transferred to the charity.

We are dedicated to serving the Christian giver, company or organization discover their giving dream and see it become a living, walking reality that marches into the future.